EView/390z Management for HP Business Service Management (BSM)/OMi

EView solutions are designed to extend the Cross-Platform capabilities of HP Software to include the IBM Mainframe-z/OS environment.

The EView BSM Management solutions allow organizations to include mainframe transactions and IT processes under a consolidated, enterprise wide view. By providing immediate visibility and insights into the constant changes of the enterprise, companies can now have sophisticated knowledge transfer cross-enterprise. Additional capabilities include; tracing and troubleshooting applications and transactions across the environment; driving performance, and improving the overall end-user experience.




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Monitor your IBM Mainframe (z/OS) environment

As a system, application, and database administrator that works in an IBM Mainframe environment, we understand that you face three significant challenges in your role which include:

  • Managing a more and more complex z/OS environment;
  • Diagnosing and addressing problems in real-time in your IBM Mainframe ecosystem;
  • Working efficiently with limited resources.

Not only do you have to work in this challenging environment, but you also have to ensure high performance and system availability of your IBM Mainframe systems, as well as maintain an overall healthy IT environment.

Monitoring your IBM Mainframe environment is a multi-faceted exercise and reaching optimal performance is not an easy goal. You need to know how factors such as memory, physical design and maintenance can affect performance. To tune and maintain a subsystem or instance, you should continuously monitor the entire z/OS environment.

NiCE IT has joined forces with EView to bring you a premium product to monitor your IBM Mainframe (z/OS) environment efficiently and effectively. See below for more on the EView/390z Management for HP BSM OMi.

EView BSM Mainframe Management for IBM (z/OS)

So how does the EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management work?

EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management for HP BSM/OMi enables information from the mainframe environments to be displayed on an HP BSM/OMi console. The EView agent collection sources span system, application and network messages, performance, and resource utilization data via system interface APIs. Local OS message filters extract critical system and network information as specified by the administrator. This information is then sent via TCP/IP and only the specified subset of information is sent to the management console. These messages can include information about the operating system, system applications, such as; DB2, CICS, MQSeries, JES2, and Websphere, and many others which are pertinent to the IBM server environments.

EView Management for HP BSM/OMi utilizes the HP BSM monitoring automation component to check critical system metrics and provide alerts for conditions needing attention or providing the ability to perform automated actions.

EView solutions are intelligently designed for minimal footprint and negligible system resource consumption, the discovery process is flexible and supports the ability to set specific auto-discovery parameters, based on customer’s unique business needs.

What can you do with the EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management?

The EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management allows you to perform a multitude of functions that are critical in your IT role. Some key benefits of integrating with HP BSM OMi include:

  • Reduced time to repair - quickly and accurately prioritize and filter numerous events through a centralized Operations Bridge.
  • Improved quality of service – experience outstanding availability and performance when you manage your IT infrastructure as a comprehensive ecosystem rather than separate domains.
  • Reduced cost – reduce duplication of effort expended on separate but related issues.
  • Investment protection leverage investments in the IBM Mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) environments, making them a significant part of a consolidated enterprise environment.
  • Expanded message automation and security features.

The EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management highlights

The EView/390z extends the HPOMi view and scope. This solution ensures fast problem isolation and identification, which ensures a good user experience and promotes productivity and reduced downtime. Below are some key features and benefits of using the EView/390z

Key features:

  • Builds on HP Software – extending value to include the mission-critical IBM Mainframe environments
  • Real time visibility over the entire environment.
  • Reduce or eliminate decision times and errors resulting in providing increased productivity with intelligent automation.
  • Actionable insights – intelligence and analytics to predict, prevent, or resolve issues.
  • Enhanced automation features to efficiently manage the performance and availability of your enterprise services.

For more information

Contact the NiCE Solutions Team today to evaluate the EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management solution. Email solutions@nice.de for more information or click here to download the full EView/390z BSM Mainframe Management datasheet.

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