EView/400i Management for Microsoft System Center

This solution was designed to extend the Cross-Platform Capabilities of Microsoft System Center to include the IBM iSeries (AS/400) environments. It is now possible to integrate the IBM iSeries (AS/400) environment seamlessly, as part of a unified Microsoft System Center Operations Manager platform.

EView/400i Management v7.0 for Microsoft System Center is the most advanced and comprehensive Management Pack for managing the IBM iSeries (AS/400) environments.. EView/400i works seamlessly with System Center to integrate event and system performance and monitoring the status and health of the OS400 system and its standard applications.

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Monitor your IBM iSeries (AS/400) environments

As a system, application, and database administrator that works in an IBM Mainframe environment, we understand that you face three significant challenges in your role which include:

  • Managing a more and more complex AS/400 environment;
  • Diagnosing and addressing problems in real-time in your IBM iSeries ecosystem;
  • Working efficiently with limited resources.

Not only do you have to work in this challenging environment, but you also have to ensure high performance and system availability of your IBM iSeries systems, as well as maintain an overall healthy IT environment.

Monitoring your IBM iSeries environment is a multi-faceted exercise and reaching optimal performance is not an easy goal. You need to know how factors such as memory, physical design and maintenance can affect performance. To tune and maintain a subsystem or instance, you should continuously monitor the entire AS/400 environment.

NiCE IT has joined forces with EView to bring you a premium product to monitor your IBM iSeries (AS/400) environment efficiently and effectively. See below for more on the EView/400i Management for Microsoft System Center.

SCOM MP for IBM iSeries

So how does the EView/400i MP work?

The EView/400i MP v7.0 adds significant enhancements including new job monitors, extended automation, and nearly plug-and-play installation and setup.

This monitoring solution was designed to increase the productivity of both the Microsoft SCOM administrator and operator, providing them the ability to quickly identify problems.

Working with System Center Operations Manager, otherwise referred to as SCOM, certainly makes it easier for you as an IT professional to monitor the health and performance of your IBM Mainframe environment, but there is still a missing puzzle piece to complete the single interface view of SCOM, which facilitates the monitoring of your AS/400 environment hassle-free.

EView/400i agents capture all available iSeries (AS/400) information to be included managed and monitored by System Center. This can also be used in easy to use customizable System Center (2012) Dashboards. The net result is the iSeries (AS/400) environment is managed, monitored and reported just like other server environments giving IT Operations a consistent and common tool for the entire enterprise.

Why the EView/400i for SCOM is better

The EView agent code is designed to collect messages and data from specific areas of the iSeries (AS/400) systems, and then send those messages on to the proxy server. Performance data is collected and stored on the data warehouse. This design improves the efficiency of the information stream. The EView/400i for SCOM allows you to:

Increase productivity - The EView Management has been designed to take automatic action, based on deployed message conditions, to address and respond to messages. This ensures timely problem resolution,

Improve efficiency – The EView agent code is designed to collect messages and data from specific areas of the iSeries (AS/400) systems, and then send those messages on to the proxy server. Performance data is collected and stored on the data warehouse. This design improves the efficiency of the information stream.

Manage data more effectively - The EView agent on the iSeries (AS/400) collects management data and coordinates the request and response activities to the EView agent on the System Center management server via TCP/IP.

What can you do with the EView/400i?

The EView/400i allows you to perform a multitude of functions that are critical in your role as system, application or database administrator. Some key functionalities include:

  • ISeries (AS/400) Performance Monitoring - Monitor CPU usage, disk usage, ASP, MQ Series, response time, and other performance metrics..
  • Proactive problem detection and resolution – Two-way communication with iSeries (AS/400) systems to resolve problems quickly and automatically.
  • Automation Libraries – Out-of-the-box filters provide a “rich starter set” for rapid implementation, as well as automatic closing of any iSeries inquiry message after iSeries operator has replied.
  • Series (AS/400) Audit Journal monitoring – real-time monitoring and alerting when critical events occur, allowing security administrators to immediately investigate potential security related issues
  • Interface with various Operational functions – System administrators have the ability to interface with the iSeries (AS/400) operational information to manage the system, application jobs, output queues, and spool file.

The EView/400i highlights

The EView/400i extends the SCOM view and scope. This solution ensures fast problem isolation and identification, which ensures a good user experience and promotes productivity and reduced downtime. Below are some key features and benefits of using the EView/400i:

Key features:

  • Seamless integration into System Center’s Dashboards. The most advanced and comprehensive Management Pack for managing IBM iSeries (AS/400) Systems.
  • Version 7.0 includes more monitors for automation, objects, thresholds, status, and connection.
  • Simple Installation and a new and improved web configuration interface.
  • Enhanced auditing capabilities
  • Proven technology – successfully deployed in hundreds of enterprise accounts in over 30 countries worldwide

For more information

Contact the NiCE Solutions Team today to evaluate the EView/400i MP. Email solutions@nice.de for more information or click here to download the full EView/400i MP datasheet.

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