NiCE Active O365 Management Pack 2.0 for Microsoft SCOM released

Gain insight into what happens in the Cloud. Using the NiCE Active O365 Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM, advanced monitoring has never been easier. The NiCE Active O365 Management Pack smart algorithm determines problems and their severity way upfront. Even the specter of global service outages has to confess. Leverage your existing investment, reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies that will last beyond your expectations.

NiCE VMware MP 5.00 Released

VMware monitoring made easy See your virtualized environments like never beforeGet the complete picture of the health and performance of your business critical VMware environments. The NiCE VMware Management Pack delivers first-rate monitoring for your business critical, highly dynamical virtualized environments. Even overcoming the specter of global VMware service outages is now viable. Leverage your …