Cutting edge BlackBerry Enterprise Monitoring with Microsoft SCOM NiCE is pleased to announce the availability of the NiCE BlackBerry Management Pack 7.10 for Microsoft SCOM. If BlackBerry Enterprise servers and dependent applications are gatekeepers on your IT ecosystem, they need to be monitored at a very detailed level. The BlackBerry MP 7.10 provides you with the key

Meet innovators and explore tomorrow’s tech at Microsoft Ignite Access deep technical training, discover new tools for innovation, and connect with the tech community. Customize your experience and advance your expertise. NiCE is excited to be a sponsor again for this years event and to meet up with all the professionals and highly skilled people at the

Experts Live Europe 2017

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Don´t miss out on THE SCOM event within Europe What is Experts Live Europe? Experts Live Europe is one of Europe’s largest community conferences with a focus on Microsoft cloud, datacenter and workplace management. Top experts from around the world present discussion panels, ask-the-experts sessions and breakout sessions and cover the latest products, technologies and solutions. It’s the time of the year

Cross-Platform Monitoring with NiCE

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Webinar hosted by SquaredUp and NiCE on Cross-Platform Monitoring Matthew Long and Richard Benwell are joined by Christian Heitkamp, from NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH, to discuss cross platform monitoring using SCOM. Typically, Microsoft focus much of their effort on monitoring the Windows world, but SCOM is an effective monitoring system for Unix/Linux, Oracle, DB2

Cutting edge DB2 Monitoring with Microsoft SCOM NiCE is pleased to announce the availability of the NiCE DB2 Management Pack 4.20 for Microsoft SCOM. If IBM DB2 databases are gatekeepers on your IT ecosystem, they need to be monitored at a very detailed level. The DB2 MP 4.20 provides you with the key features and

Get Alerts on Impacted PowerHA Systems Dear Clients and Resellers, Clusters are mainly used to overcome capacity shortages so your IT services stay in line with your service level agreements. If a cluster goes down, that could really hurt. The good news: The new NiCE PowerHA MP 1.20 for monitoring PowerHA clusters using Microsoft SCOM

Monitoring complex Veritas Cluster Server landscapes all in a breath NiCE is pleased to announce the availability of the first version of the NiCE Veritas Cluster Management Pack (MP). Scope Incidents impacting high-available infrastructure components have to be processed with high urgency. The NiCE Veritas Cluster MP includes monitors and alert rules to provide immediate

Latest and greatest on SAP, HANA, ASE and Business Object Monitoring This live demo session, held by Linh Nguyen, SAP architect and founder of OZSoft and Christian Heitkamp, Product Manager at NiCE, will be focused on illustrating how you can effectively monitor your SAP, HANA, ASE and Business Objects environment in SCOM. You will learn how the solutions can

Migrate your third-party SCOM MP application monitoring licenses now to NiCE MPs and get special discounts   Have any old or outdated SCOM Application Monitoring MPs you no longer get support for? NiCE will be your new one-stop-shop for any SCOM application monitoring you may need. Just take the chance and hand in your old licenses and get compelling

Experts Live Asia Pacific

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Experts Live ASIA Pacific 27 & 28 March, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Join the MPexperts at the Experts Live ASIA Pacific, previously called System Center Universe (SCU), in Malaysia!   About MPexperts MPexperts, comprised of NiCE and EView Technology, brings together some of the most advanced management pack extenders for today’s leading IT Management platforms. For many years we