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NiCE Veritas Cluster MP for Microsoft SCOM

Incidents impacting high-available infrastructure components have to be processed with high urgency.

The NiCE Veritas Cluster MP includes monitors and alert rules to provide immediate and comprehensive information on impacted components within your Veritas Cluster environment. The MP drastically helps you to understand issues and to reduce the mean time to recover.


Innovative MP architecture

The Veritas Cluster MP is founded on the NiCE Cluster Library MP, NiCE Common Source Library and System Center Library. Re-using these prooved components ensures robustness, supportability and great reliability.
It provides protection of your IT investment because the NiCE Cluster Library MP is designed to span numerous cluster solutions. Moving between cluster solutions will not require deletion of any management packs and render performance data unusable.


NiCE Veritas MP Diagram View

Discovered Veritas Cluster Server environment using the NiCE Veritas Cluster MP


Veritas Cluster Server Alerting

Incidents impacting high-available infrastructure components must be processed with high urgency. The NiCE Veritas Cluster MP includes monitors and alert rules to provide immediate, comprehensive information on impacted components within your Veritas Cluster environment.

Included monitoring of core components

  • Cluster
  • Service Group
  • Cluster Resources
  • Mount Points
  • Cluster File System

The detailed information given by the NiCE Veritas Cluster MP drastically helps to understand issues and to reduce the mean time to recover.


Failover Cluster Detection

In the case of a service group experiencing a service incident, e.g. a node failure, the cluster manager acts upon the failover policies and initiates a failover of service groups to another available node (as an example of what is possible). Failover detection rules will evaluate relevant entries in the cluster log as well as use cluster utilities to inform one about the events that occurred during failover.

Service Group Monitoring

VCS Service Groups contain critical resources of a cluster, typically interfaces, mount points or file systems. If a service group fails or becomes unavailable, resources are impacted. In order to be on top of all the service group impacting events, the NiCE Veritas Cluster MP includes several monitors dedicated to file system and service group monitoring. Furthermore, the MP complements the monitoring provided by the Microsoft Linux management packs.

Comprehensive Cluster Server Discovery

The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) consists of numerous objects like nodes, service groups, mount point and file systems. Each object has its own properties like failover policies, service labels, log paths and identifiers. In a large environment, oversight of important components is easily lost. The ‘out-of-the-box discover’ allows discovery of all VCS objects including an extensive list of properties for each object. This also includes support for Veritas Storage Foundation HA and also products previously sold by Symantec. Utilizing the OpsMgr class model, a full VCS inventory model is mapped out. With integrations to SC Service Manager this valuable information is also available with Microsoft System Center Service Manager.


In an environment of ever increasing business demands, critical applications need to be available 24/7, with a fault tolerant system. However, fault tolerant systems are not cost effective. As such, there is a business need for a cost effective application which provides this functionality. A high availability solution ensures that:

  • Failure of any component of the solution does not cause application and data unavailability
  • A more efficiently running system


  • Full overview of Veritas Cluster Server landscape
  • Quickly identify issues impacting service availability
  • High ROI
  • Great ease of use
  • Low learning curve
  • Peace of mind, high value, competitive price
  • Align IT operations and services with business needs
  • Visualize capacity shortages and trends


  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2, 2016, 1801, 1807, 2019
  • Microsoft Cross-Platform Agents
  • Linux (Red Hat, SuSE)
  • Veritas Cluster Server

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The NiCE Veritas MP has currently no integrations into other solutions.

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